Monday, April 20, 2009

My Brains are Like Applesauce

Wow, I have pretty much dropped out of the bloggy universe. Hello, internets. Is anybody still out there??

Anyways, things have been crazy busy for me. My roommate's 22nd birthday is tomorrow so there are hush-hush plans going on for that. I have a project due for a major banking client that has something like a quarter of a million clients. Did I mention that I haven't started it yet? Crap.

I am also on a full-time job hunt at this point. Anybody hiring in Indianapolis? I'm interested!! Haha....

Also, I realized last week that I have exactly 26 days until graduation.
26 days to hold my friends close and stress about the future.
26 days to finish up a hell of a lot of schoolwork that has been on the back burner for forever.

So that's my life right now... how are you??

P.S. I have a post going up this afternoon about my underwear over here. You should go check it out!

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Nessa said...

You're almost done, how exciting!!! =)

Cristina said...

you must be so excited to graduate! 26 will pass quickly :)

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