Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inside My Life (aka My Purse)

Yesterday, another Sarah tagged me to reveal the contents of my purse.

The rules were:
*Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. You CANNOT sneak into your closet and pull out some cute little things - we want to know the purse you last carried. No cheating!

*List how much it cost - this is not to judge but for entertainment only. If there is a fabulous story to go along with your fabulous purse, let us hear it!

*Show all the contents currently in the purse

*Tag some lucky ladies to participate and then link back to this post.

OK, here we go.
The bag:
Franco Sarto, $85. Can't remember the style. The Boy purchased it for me for Christmas 2007. Despite how much I love new clothes, makeup, and shoes, this is the newest bag I have. (And now that I've typed that "out loud," you can bet I switched off Blogger and went straight to eBags.com. I need a new purse!)
Anyways, it's this lovely red number, although I wish it were a deeper red color.

I split the contents of my bag into 2 groups so it would be a little easier to see. Clockwise, from top left, I've got my purple coupon organizer, my fabulous pewter Fossil wallet, a pad of Post-Its, my car and apartment keys, and my Steve Madden sunglasses.

The rest of my purse contains, clockwise from top left, my gift card wallet, camera case, outdated cell phone, $10 birthday coupon from Victoria's Secret (delivered this month, even though it's not my birthday), Chapstick (my addiction), 2 movie ticket stubs from Confessions of a Shopaholic, and a pen. My purse was surprisingly trash and gum-wrapper free because I dumped it out this weekend and cleaned it. Thank goodness...

I am horrible at tagging people... so I'm just going to say:

What's in your purse?

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insomniaclolita said...

I love the red in your bag, i love it. I want shoes with that exact color ;)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

That bag is so adorable. Red is hot! I love that you carry around post-it notes. That makes my organizational self happy!

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