Monday, November 17, 2008

A Badly Written Post

Well, this morning I made the presentation in the class I've been working on since August. AUGUST, people? That's like... 1/4 of a year ago or something.

Anyways, that might slightly explain the lack of posting. Also I still have to re-add the third column to my layout - it's looking a bit off to me.

Promise I might actually post again before... Thanksgiving.

Did I mention I'm hosting Thanksgiving for 16 people this Thursday? Let's just call it a pre-Thanksgiving Feast-a-Thon.

Promise to try and post soon...

And did I mention - because the project itself wasn't enough work - that I have to meet with my professor to re-watch it tomorrow at 9 am? Can't a girl get some sleep around here?!? (Not that I ever really sleep past 7:45 am...)

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