Monday, July 21, 2008

Hillbilly Golf is <, >, or = BlogHer08

While the lady blogging world was schmoozing in the City by the Bay, I was at home. I was at home creating a hillbilly golf or ladder golf or golf on a rope or bolo toss game.

First, I bought 50 feet of 1" PVC piping and a bunch of "L" and "T" joints. No, I promise this is not a plumbing post of any kind. Swear!
Then I used my big muscles to cut 1' and 2' foot lengths of pipe. (Please, ignore my disheveled ensemble and greasy hair. I was unshorwered and the humidity was about 264%. Ick. Also, I had just finished mowing the lawn.)
And voila, hillbilly golf. The PVC part cost less than $20 (and of course I haven't purchased the ball part of the game yet. Whoops.) I was just so proud of myself - I built something. Imagine that!
Anyway, the whole Hillbilly family thought this would be a fun addition to our family vacation coming up in August. Can't wait - it's gonna be a rockin' good hillbilly time, that's for sure!!


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Good N Crazy said...

Okay number one: i go away and you all change everything...the comments are DIFFERENT!

And number two: Also did not go to San Fran. Should we make a pact to go next year?

And number last: While you were making your little red neck gizmo...I was PLAYING it at my husband's 20th class reunion... What does that tell you, (besides the fact that I'm old and uh, don't look good in that little tank top you are sportin' in the photos!)

Natalie said...

ok...i can't wait to see this game actually played. it looks interesting!

and yeah...i want to go to blogher next year as well, and i'm also older. but i still know how to have fun!

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