Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some Like It Hot

Today, in northern Indiana, it was 77 degrees hot. Finally spring summer has come. I guess lovely, balmy 60 degree days are over.

Today, it was hot.

I had an interview at 1 pm for a position as a student manager for next year. In my long pants, open-toed heels, and black v-neck t-shirt, I nearly died on the 5 minute walk to my interview. I was sweating, short of breath, and utterly DYING by the time I made it there. Needless to say, I'm sure I made a lovely impression with my sweaty hair. Oh well.

So today I realized that I do not have any shorts at school. All of them are 200 miles away at home. Which my dad could have mailed to me, except he is in Mexico. Although he is not on vacation, but working, so I suppose I will eventually forgive him.

So, after my near-brush with heatstroke, I had to deliver some forms to an office in another building. Another 2 minute trek outdoors - sweating ensued. Forms delivered. Check.

At this point, I realize I'm going to have to make the 10 minute trek to my car if I want to make it to Barnes & Noble to buy the book I have to read for class tomorrow. I realize that I already purchased this book in the fall, but after the 1.5 hour search for it this morning, I realized it would be worth the $15 + gas money to just go buy the book again. Check.

After Barnes & Noble, I realized I was only a 2 minute drive from the mall. After cranking the A/C on full blast, I strolled into the Forever 21 and basically bought the first pair of neutral (read: I can wear them for the next 32 days until I go home - they are neutral and match everything) shorts I could find. Check.

And then I read 162 pages of The Tipping Point. Check.

And now I need sleep before my eyelids dry out. xxo


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