Monday, July 20, 2015

National Ice Cream Day 2015

In case you don't have any social media accounts, yesterday was National Ice Cream Day.  I don't even know if that was a thing prior to.... now - but alas, it was, and I celebrated.... more than once.

I hung out with my BFF and #bffbaby in the afternoon, and she made us a batch of brownies to accompany our ice cream.  That was at approximately 5 pm.

I thought I had the whole National Ice Cream Day in the bag - but alas, there was more!

My husband got off of work with 2 hours to spare before our best local ice cream place closed.  Or - he was supposed to.

With about 15 minutes to spare till closing time, my husband swept me into the car where we were pretty much last in line at the ice cream shop.

I made my order, and Mr. RH ordered the most ridiculous order - a banana split.  Huge, massive hot mess of an order in 90% humidity.  Whatever.

So we wait for a few minutes, closing time passes, and the girl at the window is shouting out "sugar cone, birthday cake."

And again,  "sugar cone, birthday cake."

I'm thinking to myself, "hello, who ordered that damn cone?!"

Oh, right, that would be me.

 Not the same cone.  Because... you'll see.

I take my shame face up to the window and get my cone.  About 2 seconds later, licking my melting prize,  the scoop, perfectly perched on top of the cone, falls off the cone.  Amateur hour.

Directly into my purse and onto my phone, no less.

So, as a rational adult... I reach down into my purse and grab the dang scoop and put it back on top of my cone.  And then I proceed to turn my back to the people eating nearby and discreetly try to lick my phone while attempting to forget every single 20/20 episode where they tell you your phone is the dirtiest thing you own and will likely kill you someday.

Embarrassment aside, we finally grab Mr. RH's banana split and high tail it to the car.  He holds it like the golden ticket and I pretend I don't know the goon with the giant banana split.

Walk into the house, sit on the couch, and suddenly Mr. RH's banana split is leaking all over his lap and the pillow from the couch.

National Ice Cream Day: 2.  RH Family: -0.

Ice cream, if I didn't love you so much, we would be finished.  Alas.... nope.

Until we meet again, old foe.

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Anonymous said...

Now, that was a funny post! But at least you both got your ice cream.

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