Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank God for Weekends...

Ok, this is very whiny and self-indulgent but seriously, I live for the weekend. I need the weekend. In two days, on Monday, I will begin dreaming about my next weekend.

So, in honor of my weekend excitement I will show you what I plan to be doing all weekend. Cookies. This weekend, I will be eating cookies. And sitting at a desk for 8 hours on Saturday (ugh, the boringness!). And then a bunch of exciting stuff on Sunday (being on the TV news!! being interviewed for the local newspaper!!). Such excitement!

Anyways, have you had these cookies? Were you sad when they disappeared from the planet - and surprised when they returned? I know I was....

Happy Weekend!!

Update, 2:32 PM: The cookies are gone. Repeat, the entire box of cookies are gone.

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The Ratpack said...

I loove cookies too, and it's girl scout cookie time - yay!

Congrats on being on tv thats so cool!

Andhari said...

I want cookies, probably a big oatmeal and raisin one :)

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